CampReward continues to sign up RV parks

Published May 26 2017
CHICAGO — CampReward is setting the stage for this summer to be the biggest yet for online camping reservations and company officials say this is just the beginning.

CampReward launched its online travel site in late 2014 and has grown at a steady pace bringing on new campgrounds every year and increasing its daily site visitors by nearly 400 percent in the last quarter. The firm recently announced that they now have over 5,000 RV and camping sites available for live bookings on their website.

The company is on track to have RV, tent and cabins sites available for live bookings in all 50 states by the end of 2017, said Ryan Douglas, co-founder and chief operations officer of CampReward. “Since we initially launched CampReward, it has been our primary goal to make the online reservation process not only easier for campers, but easier for campground owners as well,” he added. “We both grew up camping as kids and still love to get outdoors now as adults with our own children. This is a family business for us and we know this is a family business for our campground partners as well. That’s what makes CampReward special. It was built by campers for campers!”

When campground owners sign up with CampReward, they can take comfort in the fact that there is no cost for campgrounds to sign up and have their RV parks listed. It takes the CampReward team less than 30 minutes to build an RV park onto the site and have it visible to nearly 50 million campers from around the world. Camp Reward says that it works with campground owners to navigate the world of online bookings by offering free marketing, helping them manage their online web presence and increase their occupancy.

CampReward is not the only company to take on the world of online camping reservations, but it currently is the only one to offer campers valuable points for every booking they make on their site. The points that are given to campers don’t come from the campground and can be used to book future camping trips for free. Douglass said CampReward is also very proud of the fact that the company only advertises live, partnered campgrounds on its website.

“We want our customers to know that when they come to they will be able to search and book their camping trips in real time,” said Mark Duris, founder and CEO of CampReward. “Unlike our competitors, we only list campgrounds that are partnered with us because we want to highlight our campground partners and show the world how truly amazing their properties are.”

Barry Bains, general manager for E & J RV Park in Ellensburg, Wash., said, “The camping industry has needed a site like Expedia or Priceline that is fully dedicated to serving RV parks and campgrounds” “We care a lot about our RV park guests and provide only the best customer service to them and we know that CampReward will treat them like family.”

CampReward will soon be offering RV parks the ability to not only sell their RV and camping spots online, but will also provide the opportunity for them to upsell their activities and programs like canoeing, bike rentals, white water rafting and much more.

There is no cost to campgrounds for signing up with For more information, visit

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