Road Trip…with a 3 and 5 year old…

Published Mar 4 2016
In August 2015, my family and I had the pleasure of loading up our RV and headed south to Tennessee. The journey was amazing to see the flat lands transform into roaming hills, which then transcend into green towering mountains the further south we drove. It reminded me of just how beautiful and trans-formative America really is.

Along the way, our stops for gas turned into mini-family trips with our two small children (ages 3 and 5 at the time) to visit the wonders of gas stations and rest areas. The event would turn into a scavenger hunt for a crane machine that challenged ones skills to pick up a toy or stuffed animal for a buck or two. My five year old son would always contend that “I can do it, I just need one more dollar” after the first few dollars produced zero results.

However, traveling in the RV is a whole different trip than that of a car, especially if you have small kids. There is something to be said about stopping at a rest area to stretch out and take a nap in your bed or couch as opposed to reclining your seat back and hoping that your neck won’t be in distress when you wake up. Some rest areas are brief oasis with information centers that allow you to take unlimited brochures of places you may or may never visit. However, word of caution, for a 3 and 5 year old, these brochures may become weapons of mass destruction.

Driving the RV down the highway, taking in the scenic landscape through a panoramic window is mesmerizing. It refreshes the spirit of travel and calms a mind, even if a three year old is screaming because her brother took her beloved toy-of-the-moment from her little precious hands. I still can sit back and drive with coffee in hand, and a smile on my face, because I know, we will eventually reach our destination.

Yes, taking a road trip in our RV with the kids is second to none. Their eyes light up and become over joyed when we ask them those magical words; “Who want’s to go camping?” To say that we love to travel and camp in our RV is an understatement. Our RV is an extension of our home. So therefore, wherever we visit, wherever we travel, home is always with us.
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